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Sounds for a New Millennium

Sunday, March 8, 2009, 1-4pm
Yoga Studio, 309 ˝ E. Main, Riverton
(upstairs over Victoria’s Dance Studio)
Cost $25

“Sound will be the medicine of the future” – Edgar Cayce

An introductory talk on Sound and Frequency. Learn about the use of Sound and Frequency in the 21st century. Discuss the possibilities of where sound and sound techniques might go. Discuss Tools and Products that use sound and frequency today and talk about what may be in our future.

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Solfeggio Tones - Extending the Information

This talk or workshop continues to decode the information found by Dr. Joseph Puleo. We discuss scales, numerology, and math behind the music and finally show how these tones fit into a scale where we can have music. Contact me for presentations. Talk is two hours, workshop is 1 day. CD's are available that contain the presentation in PDF format, along with handouts, and mp3 files of different types of scales used in the presentation.


Our Voice is the most powerful instrument we have. It lets the universe know who we are and how we are rsonating. Our words are carried on the sound of our voice, and the tone, timber, and underlying feelings all are sent out when we speak. This can be seen when the voice is analyszed.

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks carry an exact frequency when struck. Stainless steel tuning forks work very well on the body because the bones in the body are able to pick up the vibration and carry it through the body.
Almuminum forks what are weighted can also be used on the body, but the sound it not as strong as the stainless steel. Aluminum forks - unweighted, are good for the auric field and make an audiable sound that is soothing to the client.

Sacred Sounds

Sacred Sounds are usually consided to be sounds that hamonize with Nature, the Cosmos, the Earth and the Human body. They are usually based on perfect ratios (fractions) such as 2/3, 3/4, 3/5, but not always. The words/sylables that are used can open the chakras, clear emotions and center you.

Sacred Shapes

Sacred Shapes are shapes that we see in Nature, and that are derived from the Circle and the Square and Phi or the Golden Mean Ratio.

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